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Born in Bandung, Indonesia in June 1962, Jeffrey Budiman started his own architectural firm in Jakarta in 1990 with educational background in architecture from Parahyangan Catholic University and a brief experience (1989-1990) at a local Indonesian architecture consultant. Since then, the firm has been rapidly developing and has become a household name especially in residential architecture in Singapore and Indonesia.
From architecture, his passion of design evolved to other subjects, such as interior design, furniture design, artwork design, and the design of lighting and bathroom products. His love of product design takes its root since childhood years, when he has been fascinated and dreamed of becoming an automobile designer.
Despite Budiman’s success and large numbers of design projects underway, the father of two is still modestly humble, donating time and resources to help those who help others.

Jeffrey Budiman - Principal Architect & Designer
Jeffrey Budiman - Principal Architect & Designer

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